Went off of cooking for a couple of weeks but last night I felt like making something a bit more special and although it was my first attempt at it, I was very happy with the result and could honestly eat more of it. Like always a veggie option but could be made into vegan too, by switching the cheese to a vegan option. Quorn fillets, cooked in caramelised onions, goat's cheese and fig sauce served with a side of rice.

-quorn nuggets
-white or red wine
-goat's cheese
-balsamic glaze
-garlic powder
I tried to find quorn fillets for this recipe but since I couldn't I decided to use the quorn nuggets and simply take the crumb coating off. So, first step was to semi cook the nuggets in the oven, for 15mins at 180° mainly so that the crumb coating comes off easier afterwards.
The main part of this recipe is of course the sauce in which we will be cooking the quorn in. Firstly, chop your onion into rings and your figs into little cubes. Melt some butter in the pan and start cooking your onions.  At this point add some red or white wine so that the onions instantly capture that flavour. Then you can start adding everything else, steadily and whilst mixing in between. Drop your figs, some pepper and garlic powder and lastly crumble up the goat cheese. Add the appropriate amount of goat's cheese, depending on how creamy/cheese you want your sauce to be. Cook everything on low heat for 15-20mins. You will have to gradually add some water to liquify your sauce as it can get quite stodgy because of the cheese.
Once you've taken the nuggets out of the oven, take the crumb coating off and drop them in the pan with the sauce. Stir them in gently, making sure they are covered with the sauce on both sides. Let them cook for another 15mins before serving. Whilst you are waiting for them, you can pop some rice to start boiling. I always like to season mine with some salt and pepper and mix in a knob of butter as well.
I'm enjoying the fact that I made this dish look quite gourmet but truly it's worth the try! I topped it off with a few more bits of the chopped figs and a little drizzle of balsamic glaze for a nice finish.
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