I've been meaning to make my own pasta for a while now but I always kept postponing it because I was too scared to give it a shot. Last night, after having finished all my duties for the day, I was quite bored as I had nothing else to do. So, I took a look in my fridge and cupboards, realised I had all the ingredients needed to make pasta, and so I did. Here is a recipe for Beetroot Ravioli with a creamy feta cheese and basil filling.
Serves 2
-250gr flour
-2 eggs
-beetroot juice
-50 gr feta cheese
-2tbsp (dairy free) yogurt
-dried basil
-garlic powder

I started off by making the filling. 2tbsp of dairy free yogurt, but you can obviously use any yogurt you prefer. Then crumble up 50gr of feta cheese and add a tiny bit of garlic powder, a pinch of pepper and some dried basil. Mix it all together and you've got your filling.
I am no expert at making my own dough but I think I did a good job considering it was my first time. First, I placed the 200gr of flour, on my kitchen table, and made a hole in the middle. In there I placed two eggs and started beating them, slowly and whilst folding in the flour from the edges. Once everything was combined together I started kneading the dough. It may seem quite tough in the beginning but that's why it will take some time to soften it. Whilst kneading, I carefully started adding the beetroot juice and folding it in the dough. If it gets too sticky just add some more of the flour. After about 15mins of kneading your dough should be ready for use. 
Roll out the dough and with a cookie cutter cut out your shapes. I used circular but you can use any shape you have, or can even do it by cutting the slices with a knife. Take one piece of the dough, add a blob of the filling and cover it with another piece. Next and very important step is to take a fork and pinch the edges of the ravioli together, to secure the filling. Repeat this until you've used up all your dough. Slightly cover your ravioli with some flour and pat them before going into the water, this will prevent them from sticking to the pan or amongst themselves.
The cooking time depends on how al dente you want your pasta to be and how thick you've made it. I boiled mine for about 4-5mins. Once they're ready, throw the excess water away and add a knob of butter in the pan and mix it all together until it has properly melted and covered your ravioli.
Now you are ready to serve!
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