I have decided I am not going to stress too much over making every recipe perfect. In my opinion perfectionism can be one's best friend or greatest enemy. I feel as though I always had this innate need to do everything perfectly. Some times things turn out exactly the way I want them too, other times they exceed my expectations but it is inevitable to completely avoid failure. So today I have decided I am going to embrace this, by no means flawless, stevia brownie recipe that I put together, and which I will be attempting to make improvements on in the near future. 
-100g all purpose flour
-150g vegan butter
-100g melted dark chocolate
-50g chocolate powder
-3tsp stevia sugar
-2 eggs
-1 shot of coffee
-1tsp vanilla extract 
First and foremost, anyone that has ever had a "good" brownie would know that in order to achieve that lovely chewy middle it requires a lot of sugar but because this recipe has non of it, apart from the stevia alternative, these brownies are a bit more dry than usual. I just need to find a way to achieve that without giving into the temptation of using sugar.
There are different ways and recipes of how to make brownies in cookbooks and online and since it was my first time making them I decide to give this one a shot.
I first melted the dark chocolate over a Bain Marie and then threw in the butter and mixed it all together. Before I let it cool down, I stirred in one coffee shot and 1tsp vanilla extract.
In another bowl, I sieved the flour, chocolate powder and stevia. I slowly poured the two beaten eggs in with the dry ingredients and then once all was combined I poured the melted chocolate mixture in as well. Mixed everything together until it was all homogenised and then poured the batter in a square baking tray covered with baking paper. Cooked in the oven at 180° for 30-35mins.
I like to warm them up before having them cause the texture is much better when they're warm!!!
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