I loved putting this dish together. Sweet potato is one of my favourite foods as it can be used in various ways. I have actually never tried sweet potato pie or any dessert with sweet potato but perhaps it's something I should consider making. This dish is 100% plant based and not at the slightest boring. On the contrary it is full of flavour and different textures.

-sweet potato
-quorn nuggets
-green beans and peas
-butter (dairy free)
-chilli powder
-olive oil
-balsamic glaze

First step will be pealing, cutting in big chunks and boiling the sweet potato. It may take 20-25mins. I always check if they are done by poking the pieces with a knife. When they are done drain the water and place them in bowl. Start mashing them with either a fork or a potato masher and add a little knob of butter to give it that extra creaminess, salt/pepper, chilli powder for the fiery taste and lastly a little bit of paprika.
For the sweetcorn, green beans and peas just drizzle a pan with just a tiny bit of olive oil and cook them with some salt/pepper. Personally, I like the green beans and peas with a little bite to them so I don't cook them for too long.
Last part of this dish is the Quorn nuggets. Simply, pop them in the oven at 190° for 20-25mins (or cook them 10 more mins for extra crispiness). You can do this whilst waiting for the potato pieces to boil. Once they are ready slice them into small pieces.
Now that you have everything ready it is time to start dishing. You can use a bowl or a presentation ring (I used a circular cookie cutter). Spread some of the mash on the bottom and then place the Quorn pieces on top of that and to finish it off add some more sweet potato and a couple of Quorn pieces on the top. Then place your greens and sweetcorn next to that, drizzle some balsamic glaze and that's pretty much it.
It is a very simple dish and you don't even have to worry about dishing it the same way, I usually dump everything on the plate but of course presentation in this case is everything.
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