These little Quorn cubes are literally life savers. They are soo easy and quick to cook and there are many many ways that you could cook delicious dishes with them. You can rustle up this bowl of heaven in no time at all. It is high with nutritional content and pairs wonderfully with rice.
-quorn pieces
-frozen mixed veg
-olive oil
-soy sauce
-chilli flakes
-chopped garlic 
I would normally use brown rice but I had some risotto rice in my cupboard that I wanted to use up so I went with that this time. Of course you can use any rice you prefer.
For the Quorn pieces, start off by sautéing 2 cloves of garlic in some olive oil. Throw in the desired amount of Quorn pieces and cook with some soy sauce and honey (personally I don't measure any of this, I just judge it by the eye). Add the frozen veg, in this instance I used the carrot, sweetcorn, green beans and peas mix. All you have to do now is add your seasoning, a little pepper and some chilli flakes. I am a massive fan of salt and always use it when I cook but this time I skipped it as soy sauce is quite salty. Lastly, sprinkle some sesame seeds, although it isn't a must as it doesn't add any flavour to your dish but it is a good source of energy and they also look very cute and add to the presentation.
What I love about this dish is, how great the sweetness from the honey, the saltiness from the soy sauce and the spiciness from the chilli flakes perfectly harmonise with one another. I cannot recommend this enough!
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