A semi-sphere, dark (and a drizzle of white) chocolate dome with a fluffy orange and strawberry Victoria sponge on the inside. I know it sounds like a lot is going on in this dessert but I have paired the flavours in such a way that they complement each other.  Dark chocolate goes so well with orange and so does white chocolate with strawberries.
I came up with this recipe a week ago when I had a friend over to my house and wanted to treat her to a nice pudding after dinner but also didn't want to over do it with the sugar. So, I tried making it as sugar free as possible but let's be honest, a little bit of chocolate can't do much harm. The orange sponge cake only contains a few grams of stevia sugar but feel free to use normal sugar if you prefer. Same goes for the chocolate, I tend to buy 75%-80% dark chocolate but it is up to use whatever works best for your tastebuds. 
-orange sponge cake
-double cream
-strawberry jam
-80% dark chocolate
-white chocolate
-star sprinkles (for decoration)
For a simple orange sponge cake I use a very simple recipe of 6 ingredients. 125g self-raising flour, 120g butter, 1tsp baking soda, 2tsp stevia sugar, 1 egg, 2 1/2 tbsp almond milk plus some zest from one orange and a little bit of its juice. Once the sponge cake has cooked and cooled down, with a circular cookie cutter, cut out two pieces and make a little Victoria sponge cake by layering some strawberry jam and then some double cream which you would have previously whipped to firm peaks.
Moving on, for the dark chocolate dome I used a semi-sphere silicone mould. Melt your chocolate until it is runny enough to pour into the mould. Then spread the chocolate all around the mould and tip it over to get rid of any excess chocolate that may gather on the bottom. You want it as evenly distributed as possible. Refrigerate until the chocolate is solid again.
The most fun but also quite delicate part of this recipe is the decoration. Once your chocolate dome is ready place it on top of your miniature Victoria sponge. Melt some white chocolate and drizzle it on the dome creating abstract splatters. Be careful your white chocolate is not too warm or your dome will quickly melt and fall apart. Then you can add more whipped cream all around the side of the dark chocolate dome (if you have any left over white chocolate you can incorporate that into your cream for additional flavour). Lastly, add a few strawberries and star shaped sprinkles, representing today's pentacle themed tarot card and you're all done.

!! Don't forget to drizzle some of the melted chocolate on your dome to reveal the sponge cake !!

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