It's been a while since I made a dessert for the tarot card, inspired, recipe project. This is a recipe I quickly put together a few months ago but never got round to making it. It's a combination of sweet and sour ingredients, brought together in hopes of creating a very balanced result. A homemade crumbly biscuit base, caramel flavoured whipped cream, strawberries and lime mousse. 

-simple homemade crumbly biscuit base
-caramel flavoured whipped cream
-lime mousse
I have decided that I won't fully share what I did with this recipe, just because I feel like I can make a lot of improvements on it before doing so. I think that the outcome, although it was tasty and did achieve that balance I was looking for, it was too heavy and sweet for my personal taste.
For the base, I mixed some flour, an egg, butter and sugar and let it cook before breaking it up into really small pieces. The caramel whipped cream, is just double cream whipped up, in which I poured some caramel I made myself with brown sugar and water. And lastly for the lime mousse, I used the rest of the whipped cream, added some melted white chocolate (which I think made it sweeter than I wanted it to be) and then some lime juice and zest. 
I think what I need to do is watch a bit more Great British Bake Off and look at more recipes online to get ideas in order to achieve a more fine and delicate dessert.
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